Sinking & Swimming in SUSY

For quite some time I’ve been thinking of blogging along as I try to learn Supersymmetry and related stuff, but it’s taken quite a few pushes from several friends to overcome the initial inertia barrier. Today is as auspicious a day as any, so let me start. After some thought, I’ve decided that I’ll let my posts slant more to the side of popular science with lesser equationy stuff, mainly for the following reasons:

  1. Anyway have to work out most of the equations as part of my project, so posting at a more expository level here, will complement that by forcing me to think up of why certain things work the way they do, how to better look at things, & most importantly, ensure that I actually understand what I’m doing.

  2. I’m lazy, and it’s pain to typeset equations in HTML, (made more horrible by wordpress not supporting MATHML)

So, here’s hoping I’ll start soon tomorrow!


2 responses to “Sinking & Swimming in SUSY

  1. Good ! I hope you plan to cross-post it to blogphysica too … Where are you learning SUSY from anyway ?

  2. Konnichiwa!
    Check this out!

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