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. . .  Computers will crash,
Mistakes are unavoidable,
There lies great wisdom :
. . .   in regularly backing up data 
Verily, it is true!


Learning to paint …

Well, twiddling with GIMP is pretty much fun. Here’re some of my attempts at cleaning up scans, and colouring them, while I’m nowhere near something like this, the practice can only be good for me.

A Boat Tree


All this thanks to great artwork by Aditi.

Some books

  • Representation Theory : A First Course (Fulton & Harris)
  • Symmetry & the Monster (Mark Ronan) [Not yet read]
  • Gödel, Escher, Bach : An eternal golden braid (Douglas Hofstadter) : A popular level book on Gödel’s theorem and AI and related stuff. The first half is good, but the book drags on too much with unfounded speculation towards the end.
  • Surreal Numbers (Donald E Knuth) : Aweird funny little book on set theoretic foundation of number theory.
  • One Jump Ahead (Jonathan Schaeffer) : About Chinook, the checkers playing program
  • Sophie’s World (Jostein Gaarder) : A sort of informal fun introduction to Western philosophy
  • Foucault’s Pendulum (Umberto Eco)
  • The Power of One (Courtenay Bryce)

The Gamma Song

Well, the idle mind is the devil’s workshop, but I’d say that a busy one, is a storehouse of crazy, arbit, stupid, meaningless & unwanted creativity. This time during the endsems, Shankar & I came up with “The Gamma Song“. It’s another parody of the famous(?) Llama Song[1] Check it out if you like Physics/Maths/Stupidity or just have a lot of free time.

The Lyrics:

here's a gamma,there's a gamma
and another little gamma,
real gamma
virtua' gamma,
gamma gamma

gamma gamma,
gamma gamma,
gamma gamma

I was once a Tensor,
I lived in a space,
but I never saw the way
the indices were raised
I was just an A-mu,
but that fixed a gauge,
And now listen little child,
to this verbiage

did you ever see a gamma,
miss a gamma
hit a gamma,
gamma's gamma
curve of gamma
gamma gamma

Affine gamma,
Dirac gamma,
Chiral gamma,
gamma with psi bar
a drama,
gamma gamma

is it all in bold now?
is this all so weird?
is it made of tangent bundle?
Now our song is losing spin,
we've run out of ... look!
time for me to retire now,
and become a crook!