QFT … or why you should be glad I’m not a poet

Quantum Field Theory, it's come a long way,
Since Oscar & Walter started out one day,
Rewriting Schrödinger's equation in a relativistic way,
But their effort was partly in vain,
For the electron did not see fit to deign,
Being a spinor with spin h-cross by two,
Physicists they were left without a clue.

Then along came Paul, stared into the fire,
Pulled out an equation with anticommuting stuff,
Alack! Alas! The equation seemed wrong,
Negative energy eigenvalues it did acquire,
There was a solution, though it was rough,
Fill the vacuum with an electron sea,
Now if there is a hole where an electron should be,
Why! That is a positron can't you see?
Those were the days of old QFT

Skip forward in time, two dozen more years,
And Richard and Julian, and Shinichiro San,
They smoothened the wrikles and layed rest to fears,
And things it seem'd were falling in place,
Till other new problems blew up in our face,

Are neutrinos massless? Are quarks confined?
Is Gravity quantised? Howe'er shall we find?
M-theory, and unification, why it's all still a puzzle,
And science marches on from hurdle to hurdle!
From this eternal story we can surely surmise,
That theories are made, and problems are solved,
These theories then fade, as new problems arise.


4 responses to “QFT … or why you should be glad I’m not a poet

  1. I’m certainly glad you’re a physicist ;). Nice poem though.

  2. Hmm, I notice that your ¨QFT history΅ stops somewhere at 1950 which is barely the first decade of QFT. I mean where is Wilson and Wilczeck, ‘t Hooft and Veltman, Gelmann and Coleman, Gross and Witten ?

  3. Awesome poem! Strange I didn’t see it before … At some point in time, we should touch it up and sing it out, make something like that Zeroes of Zeta song. Probably make it historically complete as Tom suggested. Any tune in mind? And Tom, refer to Google for QFT history ;).

  4. Yeah, we should do that sometime, in the meantime I’ll try to get the Part II of the Poem, straightened out as well. If you want to sing it though, it needs to be touched up quite a bit, the metre’s still pretty bad, and since I just wrote it quite non-seriously, I wasn’t strict with the rhythm and all.

    And don’t worry Tom, I’ll complete it … sometime soon … maybe 😉

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